Matriarch Holly

The spiritual leader of the Argenthold Cult of Gaia


Matriarch Holly is the most powerful and wisest adherent of the Argenthold Cult of Gaia. She leads the cult in their rituals, prayer, and other endeavors. The Matriarch, like the rest of her cult, is more involved with civilization and other people than most Gaians. She believes that the most good can be done for the land by teaching the citizens of the Dominion to respect and care for nature. She often conflicts with more orthodox Gaians, who believe that civilization is inherently evil and must be kept as small as possible.


The Matriarch’s past is not well known by those not in her inner circle. She was born to a Gaian family, and taught their orthodox faith. Gaia’s priests believe that all civilization is corrupt and evil. The Dominion of Empyrea is a blight on nature, and should be subverted and brought down however possible. Holly was always sympathetic to farmers and city-dwellers though, and wanted to help them rather than condemn them. She founded the Argenthold Cult of Gaia to promote the beliefs of Gaia among the common people.

The Matriarch met the party after an attack by goblins on Fort Alexander’s festival. The party retrieved a valuable relic from a goblin encampment, and the Matriarch thanked them profusely. She then recruited the party to assist with the cult’s revitalization ritual.

Matriarch Holly

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