The Greentide Archipelago

The Greentide archipelago is made up of an expanse of islands off the west coast of Empyrea. Most islands are Mediterranean in environment, with a few tropical jungles that provide timber. Tribal humans, orcs and some half-orcs were native here, but a large number of Empyrean humans and elves live here now. The largest island, home to most of the richer inhabitants, is known as The Pearl.
The Dominion was made aware of Greentide only recently. Ocean vessels didn’t travel west before its discovery, as the west coast of Empyrea – part of the Chaos Waste – had no ports. However, a visionary explorer decided to chart the coast of the Waste, and found Greentide in his travels. Greentide was then declared a colony of the Dominion, but has recently seceded as an independent nation. A lesser noble of House Cerulean, Haarian Cerulean, led the secession.

Races and Culture
Greentide was home to only humans and orcs (and their crossbreeds) for a long while, until Haarian Cerulean and his elven brethren discovered the islands. The inhabitants of Greentide were tribal, and the tribes were more discrete and conflicted than they are now. Skirmishes between tribes were relatively common, especially in times of scarcity. The Pearl was treated as a neutral ground, and those without tribes and those who were tired of conflict lived there in relative peace.

Magic and Technology
Greentide had been tribal for a long time before Empyreans discovered it. Many tribes still cling to their old ways, though Empyrean elves and humans have brought over every significant scientific advance.
Shamans and witch doctors are the mages of Greentide. Magic is simply seen as another talent that someone might have, but the ability is held in some measure of esteem. Greentide and orcish magic usually seem ‘slower’ than other styles. Healing magic is prevalent, as is nature manipulation.
Greentide tribes mostly use wooden spears and bows. Leather is the most widespread armor.
Wooden buildings and stockades are common. Some tribes use hammocks and treehouses.
Most tribesmen travel in canoes or rafts. Few islands have more than one settlement.

Diplomatic Relations
Greentide is currently under watch by the Dominion. Its status as a former colony has made relations between the two nations tense and sparse. The archipelago is on neutral terms with the Sultanate, and the two nations have little contact because of the vast distance between them.

The Greentide Archipelago

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